The flare.animate package provides classes for creating animated transitions.

 ISchedulable Interface for "schedulable" objects that can be run by the Scheduler class.
 Easing Collection of easing functions to control animation rates.
 FunctionSequence Transition that runs sub-transitions in sequential order while also invoking a function before each sub-transition is run.
 Parallel Transition that runs multiple transitions simultaneously (in parallel).
 Pause Transition representing a pause or dwell in which nothing happens.
 Scheduler Scheduler that oversees animation and time-based processing.
 Sequence Transition that runs multiple transitions one after the other in sequence.
 Transition Base class representing an animated transition.
 Transitioner Parallel transition with convenience methods for adding new object tweens, helping to incrementally construct a group of transitions.
 TransitionEvent Event fired when a Transition starts, steps, ends, or is canceled.
 Tween Transition that interpolates (in-betweens) properties of a target object over a time interval.