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Flare Dependency Graph

This visualization shows the dependencies among classes within the Flare library. Classes are paced along a circle with the radius length signifying the depth of the class in the package structure. A link indicates that a class imports another. Links are routed along the package structure tree, forming “bundles” between packages.

When the mouse hovers over a class, the incident links will highlight. Red links show all the classes imported by the selected class. Green links show all classes that import the selected class.

Clicking on a class limits the view to the closure of its dependencies. The closure is computed by crawling through the graph to recursively find all dependencies. The resulting picture shows all the classes that will be included in your SWF file if you import the selected class.

The labels can be small and hard to read in a constrained web page. Take a look at the full size version for a more legible graph.

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