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quantile(n, values, sort) — Static method in class flare.util.Maths
Computes the n-quantile boundaries for a set of values.
QUANTILE — Constant static property in class flare.scale.ScaleType
Constant indicating a quantile scale.
quantileInterp(f, quantiles) — Static method in class flare.util.Maths
Computes an interpolated value in a quantile scale.
QuantileScale — Class in package flare.scale
Scale that organizes data into discrete bins by quantiles.
QuantileScale(n, values, sorted, labelFormat) — Constructor in class flare.scale.QuantileScale
Creates a new QuantileScale.
QuantitativeScale — Class in package flare.scale
Base class for representing quantitative numerical data scales.
QuantitativeScale(min, max, base, flush, labelFormat) — Constructor in class flare.scale.QuantitativeScale
Creates a new QuantitativeScale.
Query — Class in package flare.query
Performs query processing over a collection of ActionScript objects.
Query(select, where, orderby, groupby) — Constructor in class flare.query.Query
Creates a new Query.
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